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Flight Lieutenant Gerwin Michael is a conservative, non-political Commander of Sigma Squadron on the Planet Tatooine.
His career started at the age of 18 in the Imperial Army, when he was pushed out of his normal farmer life on Tatooine.
He was recruited by force by the Imperial Army, because it needed new reinforcements for an assault on the Rebel Base near Bestine.
Since most of these troops were badly trained and lacked experience in combat, the assault became a catastrophy:
Most of the Stormtroopers where killed or repulsed by a Rebel Wookie Regiment. Gerwin Michael survived the battle, but was badly wounded.
This was a traumatic experience. Since that day, Gerwin drinks more beer than usual and fears any Wookie he meets.
After a few months in a Field Hospital, Gerwin returned back on active duty.
Due to his braveary in battle, his Regiment Commander gave him the chance to visit the Imperial Officer Cadet School on Coruscant.
Allthough Gerwin doesnt support all laws and decisions of the Empire, he took the chance to tour the galaxy and became an Officer Cadet.
In his opinion, joining the loyal Army of the Government was the best way to end the Civil-War as quick as possible.
After 3 hard years at school, Gerwin became Second Lieutenant and was sent back to Tatooine, where he supported the fight against Tusken Warriors.
There he gathered his first experiences in Ground-Combat and Tactics and became an Expert in Surprise Attacks and Ambushs.
He served for 7 years in his unit and was promoted up to First Lieutenant. During that time, both his mother and father died by natural cause.
Gerwin felt qualified to get his first own Command, so he inquired a Command of a Planetary Garrison.
The Inquire was accepted, so Gerwin became Commander of the "9th Infantry Regiment", stationed in Bantha Plains, Tatooine.
While in Command of this Unit, Gerwin spent most of the time with gathering supplies, planning Ground-Operations, subdue Revolts and keeping up Law and Order in the surrounding Villages and Towns.
During that time, the "9th Infantry Regiment" was transfered 3 times.
The Unit was Garrison of: Bantha Plains, Tatooine (1 year), Stillwater, Talus (1/2 year), Merios Hills, Talus (1/2 year), Mos Espa, Tatooine (1 year)
During an Army-Reform-Programme, the "9th Infantry Regiment" came under control of the Imperial Navy.
All remaining Troopers went through a Pilot-Training-Course to support the Tatooine Space Sector Patrol.
Now in the Navy, the "9th Infantry Regiment" became "Sigma Squadron".
As Commander of the Squadron, Gerwin recieved the rank of Flight Lieutenant. He became a well respected TIE-Advanced Pilot and secures with his loyal Wingmen the local Space-Sectors.
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