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Seelec's Vita

Age: ~28 (Birthdate and location unknown)

Official Story:

The Zabrak Seelec Olai was found by the Sulustran Yteo Oivoiwifak when he was in the age of 3 or 4.
The Finding location was on Lok near by a crashed Space-Freighter. Yteo and his wife kept Seelec and integrated him in their family and their culture. The only thing they found at him was a necklace with metal-plate. On the plate was written Seelec Olai. And the names of his mom and dad.
He grewed up on several Imperial Bases, where Yteo worked as Facility-Manager.
When Seelec was about 6 years old, he joined the Imperial School in the Base on Lok. There he learned and trained all he has to know to be a good soldier. When he graduated, he moved to Yavin IV and solved his Imperial Master Pilot.
Yteo’s wife died short after he got his Master-Pilot. There he lost contact to Yteo, too.
After all this education he took a personal leave time and worked on Talus as a bounty hunter.
After a year he got enough and went back to the imperial navy.
He worked hard at different bases and ranked up fast.
A few months ago he joined to the Omega Squadron and worked as a Bomber Pilot and ranked up to Lieutenant.
For his big surprise Yteo worked at the Omega Squadron Headquarter at this time.
So he met his “Dad” again.
After a year at the Omega Squadron Black Suns attacked them. The Squadron and the Headquarter have been destroyed, only a few people survived.
Seelec and Yteo had quit the Imperial Forces then.
They found a new home on Dantooine in a small Village. Yteo started working as Droid Engineer again and raised up a small business with selling Droids and Vehicles that brings enough money to have a comfortable life.
Seelec opened a nice Club and a cinema.

But he never forgot the Metal-Plate at the necklace and is always looking for some people of his family.

Unofficial Story:
Yteo and Seelec made some new friends on Dantooine. Their names are Tharek and Seung-Mina. Some other they have made, too. They didn’t know that they have moved to a rebel hideout. The evenings they spend with their new friends had a lot of nice talk, but never went to politics. When they spend their free times together, they went hunting.
Till one day Seelec, Tharek and Seung-Mina went to a mysterious cave. There they got attacked by imperial troopers. Tharek and Seung-Mina fought back, but got injured. At the beginning Seelec did not know how he should react, cause of his working for the empire. But after he saw, that his friends got hit. He opened the fire on the troopers. He killed 2 of them, the other 3 flew.
After this attack they got biggest friends. Tharek and Seung-Mina involved Seelec about their positions at the Alliance.

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