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Character Bio


1. In-Game name:

Jinli Coedi

2. Character's names:

As above

3. Race:


4. Gender:


5. Age:


6. Physical description and distinctive details:

Ravaged / Pale complexion due to extensive use of force rage.


Jedi Knight Jinli Coedi was once the apprentice of Jedi Master *Classified*, his late Father. Like numerous other Jedi, he became a General during the clone wars and fought many battles coming close to losing his life on several occasions. When order 66 was put into place, he narrowly cheated death again managing to escape to the remote world of Tatooine were he went into exile taking on the identitiy of an indigent moisture farmer.

He lived this life there for many years, whilst continuing to practice the ways of the forces in secret but missing the adventure he once experienced as a Jedi, he offered his services to the rebellion and left his lonely life on Tatooine behind him.

As a cautionary measure, Jinli kept his Jedi past a secret even from the Rebellion though he would still train with his lightsaber in private.

During his time in the Rebellion, he worked as a Spy within the Imperial Navy. Creating a false identity and background for Jinli, Rebel hackers managed insert him into the Navy as an officer were he was able to rise quickly through the ranks allowing him access to sensitive material which he fed back to the Rebellion. On one occasion he was close to being caught and in order to cover his tracks, was forced to take the fall for an act of incompetence that had been perpetrated by a fellow officer.

As punishment for this misdemeanour, in an ironic twist, he was posted to a sleepy garrison back on Tatooine. After a short while, he was assigned to a Tatooine Stormtrooper regiment as their Second in Command and though he wasn’t exactly privy to high level information, he was able to feed information to local rebels allowing them to escape capture and even win a few victories against the regiment he was leading. This would have been an easy assignment for Jinli but he formed a close friendship with the regiments Commander and some of the men he lead.

When it became clear that the Regiment had a mole in its ranks, the Empire set about trying to uncover his or her identity. Unbeknown to Jinli, he had made a few errors along the way and was eventually identified as the mole.

During a regimental briefing, he was confronted by ISD who exposed him as the mole in front of the entire Regiment and the Commander. The look of betrayal on the Commanders face is something that still haunts Jinli.

Cornered and desperate, when they attempted to arrest him, Jinli drew his concealed Lightsaber and instantly struck down the two ISD officers exposing himself as a Jedi. In the shock and confusion, he was able to call on the force and managed to flee into the compound where he stole an Imperial Shuttle. This allowed him to escape completely to the planet of Yavin. Again, forced into exile, he lived of the land for many months before encountering by chance, a Dark Side practitioner named Cain. Cain led Jinli to his master, another Dark Side Practitioner by the name of Ennath and it was there that Jinli discovered there were other Dark Force wielders working together and practicing the old techniques of the Sith.

Even as a Jedi, Jinli had always flirted with the dark side, something he’d kept hidden from his Jedi contemporaries. Surrounded by so much darkness, Jinli was seduced after seeing the dark power Ennath was able to wield. He realised at this moment, that to be complete, one must embrace the force in its entirety and not just the light side. To ignore the dark side was an insult do the force itself and if he was to survive against those who hunted him, he would need to become much more powerful than he was as a Jedi Knight.

After learning as much as he could from these dark siders, he vanished in the night and began his hunt for other force sensitives. His goal, to establish a cult that explored both dark and light sides of the force, and to train an army that would one day challenge the Emperor himself.

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