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Draze Retton was born on Naboo, in Keren. His parents were Shenesha Retton and Nairtus Retton. Nairtus was a member of the Imperial army, a major, he wanted his son to follow in his footsteps, and become a great commander. So, from a young age, Draze was taught about guns, swords, grenades, military tactics, and the rebels. As his father was an Imperial, he greatly exagerated the tales about the rebels, forming Draze's hate.

When Draze was around 14, he was in an incident with some friends. They were just having fun on some speederbikes, racing each other, when they were ambushed by a group of well-armed thugs. Unforunately, the boys had no weapons and it looked like the thugs were just going to kill them. However, at that moment, a Rebel officer stepped out of the shadows, and killed the three thugs in a matter of seconds. The officer helped them up, and told them it was dangerous out here, and should get back to Keren. When Draze returned home, he told his father about the incident. Nairtus, now an ISB, convinced Draze that is was a show, to try and win them over.

At the age if 16, Draze joined the Imperial academy, as a soldier. With already being trained, he excelled ahead of his regiment, and was put with an advanced group, where he found himself average. The group was much furhter ahead than the regular soldiers, and the best ones were already better than most Stormtroopers. After 2 years, the group had advanced beyond anyone's expectations. They were sent out into the world, to different Imperial outposts.

Now, Draze is 18. And is known as Private Retton, in the Imperial High Command [IHC] section of the Imperial army.


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