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Post  Belidos on Wed Feb 18, 2009 6:03 am

Born on corellia, in a small rural village a few km away from Kor'vela, to a poor farming family, Belidos had a rough start to life. His parents passed away when he was young, after suffering from a virulent disease that had swept it's way through the area and he was left to fend for himself, he spent much of his early life orchestrating minor scams and even resorting to pick-pocketing.

One day while attepting to scam a visiting merchant out of a larg portion of his wares he was noticed by Daryn Osskyv, a Bounty Hunter who worked closely with the local security forces. Taking Belidos under his wing he began to train him as his aprentice. Life became much better for Belidos, his training was going well and his cut of the bounties they hunted made him fairly wealthy, until finally one day Daryn made a mistake.

Tracking N'kiska, a known Trandoshan smuggler with a price on his head they chased him into Kor'vela, racing through the streets in full flight they burst into the cantina mere moments after their mark had entered, it was to be Daryns final mistake and one that almost cost Belidos' life too. Waiting in the gloomy entrance hall were a dozen of N'kiska's friends fully armed and with a mean temper. Opening fire they gunned down Daryn and belidos in a hail of blaster fire and fled.

Six weeks later, finally recovered Belidos discharged himself from the hospital, retrieved his personal effects from the apartment he had called home for these past years and moved to Coronet, here he managed to get a position doing odd jobs for an engineering firm and began to rebuild his life.

For two years he worked on contracts across Corellia until eventually his firm took on a huge contract for a new CorSec barracks in Coronet, whilst working on this contract he befriended Geral Tundra a senior quatermaster for CorSec, they eventually became great friends and Geral managed to arrange for Belidos to join CorSec in a position in the quatermaster stores with him and from this point on his life really began to change.

While working in the stores Belidos found that he had a knack for organisation, an almost mechanical way of arranging things in strict order and an ability to think two steps ahead. This did not go un-noticed and he was soon transferred to CorSec administration where he worked his way through the ranks in record time.

During a major overhaul of the system used to link CorSec with Imperial records he was loaned to ISB in order to help cross reference the ISB and CorSec criminal databases, it was here that he came under the attention of Admiral Whitlow and offered a position with the Empire, hardly believing his luck Belidos took a position on Tatooine as an administrator for the local sector Moff.

With time and hard work Belidos became an integral part of Tatooines governence and had many contacts in many elements on the planet, it was through these sources he heard about a new branch of the Empire, Imperial High Command, and approached them, after some time proving himself to them they accepted him into their number and he became their Tatooine Sector Moff.

Currently Belidos is on extended leave on Corellia retracing his roots and finishing the Bounth Hunter training that he began in his youth.

((just a few clif-notes i will update it as and when i finish fleshing it out))


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