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Post  Ibrahim Gaunt on Sun Feb 15, 2009 7:57 am

Thanks again to Starsider's Wiki http://www.starsidergalaxy.com/wiki/index.php?title=God_Moding

Godmoding is a role playing term used Out of character to describe an Emote (/emote) that decides a fate or does something on behalf of another player.

1 Examples
2 Combat god moding
3 Perma godmoding
4 No time to react
5 God godmoding
6 Vocal Godmoding
7 The ultimate godmod

Combat god moding
"Eric Shoots and Kills Bob instantly" as you can see, "Eric" shot but gave no time for "Bob" to react or dodge the shot. this is one of the most annoying forms of Godmoding.

"Bob stabs Eric Causing him to lose blood, and not able to move his arm" Once again, Bob is creating a reaction for "Eric" not giving him the choice whether his arm can move or not, or if he can dodge. Although stating the effects is less looked down on it is still disliked by some Role players.

Perma godmoding
Perma Death or permanent death is killing some ones character, not allowing them to come back to life. Perma Godmoding is killing some one without there consent. For example if you kill some one without asking prior to doing so. or even worse if the person says no and they are still perma killed.

Another example of this is Removing limbs, always consult the other player before removing their limb.

No time to react
"Eric Stabs Bob" "Eric avoids anything bob does" "Eric stabs bob again" If this was said really fast "Eric" Clearly gave Bob no time to react, always wait for the other player to wait before you "Stab" them again.

Eric: "NO Bob i will not help you and your friends!" Bob: "then my friends will kill you Fire!" "Bill shoots Eric" "John shoots Eric" "Jenny shoots Eric" "Bob Shoots Eric" In this case "Eric" had no time to react Bob's first comment let alone the other people beginning to shoot at him, this is a common thing that can really destroy an RP event.

God godmoding
"Eric shoots bob in the chest" "Bob evades and shoots Eric in the chest" "Eric evades and hits bob in the chest" "Bob is hit in the heart and continues to fire at eric" "Eric attempts to shoot Bob in the face" "Bob is hit and continues to shoot eric" - as you can see this is two examples of "God godmoding" Eric always is able to avoid the shots, and Bob is immune to being shot in the face.

Vocal Godmoding
This is once again one of the more annoying forms, but can sometimes go unseen.

Eric: "I enjoy bathtubs" "Bob continues to listen as Eric goes on about how his mother died in a bathtub while eating a womp rat"

'The ultimate godmod'
Bob: "Shut it Eric ill kill you" Eric: "No you wont!!" "Everyone shoots Bob before he can react" Bob: "Hah you think 30 people hitting me hurts!" "Bob shoots Eric in the face removing his head!"


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