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Gegyc Otioma is a young Ithorian commando trying to make his way in the galaxy by his own means.
He does not know where he was born, having woken up at the age of 7 on a spaceship bound for Tatooine. What happened before this he has never found out. But he was raised by the empire on the deathstar. At the age of 16 he was forced to begin Stormtrooper training, which got him into shape quite fast. He was not exceptional by any means, quite standard actually. He missed out on officer training, as apparantly 'he did not have the attitude' they wanted. So he was kept in the Standard Stormtrooper Training schemes.
Howvever, when the Millenium Falcon was brought into the deathstar, he was at the front of the action before long. After his commanding officer was shot by the pirate Han Solo, he took the lead before anyone else. He was later commedated on his actions by his Commanding Officers, and was promoted.
He was then sent to Tatooine to search for any Rebel Activity. He soon found some, just outside Anchorhead. So he and his squad set up an ambush. but before they could spring the attack, they were attacked by a large mob of Tuskan Raiders. He was the only one spaired, apparantly due to his Officer Rating. And then the most curious thing happened. He was rescued, by none other than a group of fearless rebels. Quite why he didn't know, until he was taken prisoner again, and took into Anchorhead itself. Expecting the worst, he apptempted to swallow a pill he had been given to bring eath early. But he was spared this fate by a slight of hand of by a young rebel soldier, who spotted Gegyc attempting to find the small pill.
and so after the intergotation, he was given a choice, join the rebellion or go back to the Imperials, who paid for your assassination. Quite why the tusken raiders were paid to kill him and his squad, Gegyc Otioma stilll dosn't know, but he will find out one day...


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