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IASC Open Day Event Empty IASC Open Day Event

Post  Dareni on Sat Feb 14, 2009 1:23 pm

Fellow Pilots,

The Imperial Starfighter Corps would like to invite you and any of your friends to an open day event, on Saturday the 28th Febuary 2009.

Location is Mos Luna on Tattoine.

The events of the day are yet to be finalised but will include all osrts of things from Ships demonstartions to advice on how to Reverse Engineer your equipment.

We are looking for representatives from pilots guilds to have a 2 minute speech about who your guild is and what you do for your members.
We are also looking for shipwrights to come along and give advice to pilots and meet new potential customers.

A building for Vendors will be availabe so that you can sell some of your wares.

The aim of this event is to introduce pilots to each other and see if we can build more of a community of pilots. There will be representaives from many guilds there to help with Roleplay or simply PvP space flighting.

Please return this mail if you will be attending and answer the following questions

Will you be attending Yes/No

I intend to bring a Vendor Yes/no

I would like some time to promote my guild Yes/No

I would like to display my ship parts Yes/No

My Faction is Rebel/Imperial/Neutral

Please send a mail to Dareni Screed with the answers to the above questions

(This mail has been posted on the Pilots Forums and Farstar forums.)

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