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Name explanation:
Seung-Mina: Name used in formal and business stuff
Seung: Family and/or Clan Name
Mina: Name used in private and by friends to seperate the person from others of the Family/Clan

Seung-Mina was born on the mostly unknown Outer Rim world Se-Aan, living there for the first part of her life, together with her parents Seung-Seno (father) and Hwa-Cara (mother), her older brother Seung-Tano and her Baby Sister Seung-Nea. Se-Aan was a peacefull planet, untouched by the cruel Clone Wars, and Seung-Mina soon liked to spent most of her time in the wilderness, allways being attracted to all kind of animals, large or small, dangerous or peacefull, she had no fear of them. Then one day, the newly formed Empire arrived, hunting down a Jedi hiding in their community and creating an example for other worlds. Mina saw the results of that devastating battle, which later caused a growing distrust in any Force-User she would met, always remembering the fate of her homeworld. The Empire decided to „pacify“ the planet, meaning to kidnapp all children and bringing them Off-Planet to their „Care-Institutions“ in order to keep their parents in line, and to turn the kids to loyal citizens of the Empire.

Seung-Mina got seperated from her family, not knowing if any of them was still alive.
The next years were very hard for her. Trying not to forget her heritage, she developed a rebellious mind, which led to a lot of punishment by her Caretakers, mostly resulting in getting imprisoned in a small, dark room – the worst for her nature-loving soul – to break her will for freedom. She learned it the hard way to hide her feelings and started to play along the rules, acting like her will was broken.

Then – one day – she managed the nearly impossible, she faked her death during an excursion and disappered in the wilderness, to start a life there…
She traveled to a lot of planets, smuggling herself into ships. Within the years, she became a real good scout, also her talent to handle every kind of animal growed, and easy to hide pistols became her favourite choise of weapon.
(Here SWG starts)

One day, after the ship she was travelling on was incidently shot down by the Empire, she ended in Dearic/Talus. There she accepted to work for the Rebel Alliance, still in hope to get some Informations concerning her family. She stayed there a while, but the need of better medical threatment of a desease she caught, forced her to leave this peacefull place and she ended up on Corellia, continuing her work for the Rebels but always feeling uneasy in those big cities.

After a while there she felt the need to start her travels again, wanting to see Tatooine but ending up in Moenia, Naboo, not really knowing why she travelled there…
She explored the Wilderness around the city for a while, but she needed a break, so she visited the cantina. There she met a group of people, who completely changed her life. It was a strange group, a Zabrak, a Trandosh, some Humans and this Rodian, who woke strange feelings in her, and to whom she felt a certain attraction. They spended some time together, and Mina, still not sure, if she could trust them, promised, to visit their outpost on Rori, before she left again to explore the planet. A few days later she stumbled across a camp near the city, meeting that group again, and this time she travelled with them to their outpost. As soon as she reached the place, her heart cried out loud. She knew, this could be the first place she felt home since she lost her homeworld, and those people could be really trusted and becoming her friends. And still, there was that special Rodian, Rollo his name.
She finally seemed to have a bit luck in her hard life, finding an interesting man, and a growing friendship to nice people, especially with Dulrakk, the Zabrak, and Kyyrsk, the Trandosh.

After a long time of struggle with her feelings, she finally took herself a heart and admitted her love to Rollo, who felt the same way to her for nearly the first time they met.
It was the happiest day in her life, when Rollo asked her to marry him, and they had a wonderful wedding on top of the Vulcano on Lok.

After a hard time on Rori they decided to move their settlement to Tatooine, founding the nice city named „Bantha Plains“. Although finding new friends among the new citizens, Mina still had her problems with dealing with crowds and so she started to spent again some more time in the wilderness.
Finding out, that she has some decent dancer talents, she started to develop them. That way she also became more used to crowds during her work in the Cantina of Mos Eisley.
She picked up her work for the Alliance again, gathering informations for the local resistance cell under the command of Colonel Tharek Tolemac. This got a bit more difficult after an imperial outpost was build in the city, to „keep up the order“, but she managed to keep her work hidden from the eyes of the Empire.

Then she suddenly disappeard. She told nobody, but she finally got some informations about her family. It was a shock for Seung-Mina to hear that her parents were both killed in that long gone battle, but quite more disturbing were the news concerning her brother Seung-Tano. The imperial brainwashing worked perfectly with him, and now he is a feared agent of Imperial Intelligence. Mina couldn´t believe, that her brother turned to such a monster, so she travelled secretly to Coruscant, hoping not to get detected, as she still is believed dead. She wanted to talk to him, so she hide in the mass of people trying to approach him. She got shocked again as she saw him killing a poor Chadra-Fan in cold blood just for getting in his way. Feeling his dark, cold eyes on her she panicly ran away and hide herself somewhere on a remote planet.

Deciding that it was safe, she returned to Bantha Plains. Arriving there, a lot had changed, not only in town, but also in herself. She tried to return to her old life, but it didn´t work. Her husband was also no help for her, stuggling himself with problems concerning the city and his rodian clan, she don´t really understand, spending a lot of time offplanet.
She needed to talk to someone so she started to spent some time with Tharek, talking with him about stuff, she hadn´t talked to anybody before. Tharek soon revealed his feelings for her, bringing her soul even more off-balance as it was before. And to her own surprise she replies to them, not really knowing which reason stood behind that, because she still loves Rollo.
Mina is now torn appart between those two totally different men, Rollo and Tharek, both wanting a final decision from her.

But this was only one problem, she was struggling with. Her long time denied force-sensitivity started to break through the walls she build up around it. She didn´t know, that her work with her beloved pets strengthened her rare gift of a Force connection with animals.
Again she did what she always did in times of trouble, she ran away, leaving no clues of her whereabouts. It´s unknown, what she did during that time, but when she came back, she seemed to be at peace again.
She seperated from both men, not wanting to bear anymore love problems in her life. Mina also quitted being a Dancer, instead she started an intensive study of Bio Engineering, which she ended with a Master Degree. On the outside she appeared to be a tough woman, who finally found her way in life, but on the inside, Mina was still troubled and fighting with her destiny. Secretly she started to redo the Exercises she learned as a child from that Jedi, to restore her balance.
Seeing Bantha Plains in trouble, Mina run for Mayor, thinking her political abilities were good enough to solve the massive problems of the city. But she failed. As Tharek got offered a post in the talusian branch of the Rebellion, she agreed to go with him and some friends, leaving Tatooine and this part of her life behind.

They founded Sunset View, from there the group should start its work. Struggles with other Alliance members and more and more other problems made a sucessfull work impossible. Mina and Tharek resigned from their posts, wanting to concentrate more and more on their privat life. This time it wasn´t only an affair, it was something deeper. But they never had a chance to enjoy their private happiness, instead, the saddest time of her life began. Tharek was shoot down in his X-Wing during a reconnisance flight, presumed and later declared dead. And if that wasn´t enough, the Empire declared Creature Handling for a banned profession and also Bio Engineering was only allowed for loyal imperial personnel (Imperial degree nr. 260778).
Minas whole world collapsed, and full of anger and despair she disappeared, taking her beloved animals with her.
(SOE's lovely NGE)

Months have gone, since last she was seen. A cloaked Figure walks across the streets of Sunset View, here and there pausing for a few minutes, reaching an old building with a weatherworn sign on it "Tolemac Weapons". She stands there for a very long time. Then..she turns her head quickly north. She senses something.
A whisper.."much has changed..." .. "me..".."Merios Hills..."...

It was a nice quiet evening in Merios Hills Cantina. People were listening to Music, chatting or doing their business. Ruula, a rodian female, who lately strays a lot through the town, came somehow troubled into the cantina. She wasn´t sure, if she should warn them or not, but then, it may be another opportunity to earn some money, so she did it. At first she gave Hodack some hints, and then she spoke directly with Aliera. A long lost person, a friend, was back. Seung-Mina. But she wasn´t the allways friendly person anymore. She was changed, not only physically. Ruula warned them, that she was heading to the town, searching something, asking a lot of questions, and that not all to friendly, some of Ruulas sourches were "scared to death" as she explained them, after Mina talked with them.
And the warning was not to early. Later that evening Mina walks slowly through the Town, heading to the Cantina.
In the entrance, she met Aliera, Hodack and some other people, and they directly understand, what the Rodian has meant with "changed". There was an evil undertone in her voice when she was talking, and she hardly remembers her old friends. In fact, she started to threaten and insulting them, in some really harsh ways, and she made no difference between old friends and complete strangers.
But...always only visible for a split second, it seemed that there was something of the "old" Mina in her, unknowing what she was doing here, and why..
Nobody knows, what Mina wanted this evening, but she was very interested in the history of this city and in Aliera, promising her a "private talk" later, when no one else is around. Then she walked away again, leaving the others worried, confused and scared behind.

Ruula meanwhile promised Aliera to keep her informed about Mina, and started her investigations. She´s doing that not only for friendship, there is something personal between them.

It was a nice evening in Merios Hills. Ruula, after some days of hunting that mysterious Mina, came to the Cantina for some reasons.
The first one was, she wanted to inform Aliera about her progress in gathering Informations about the changed Mina. During their conversation she mentioned an old "recording device" she is going to get from one of her sources, who owns her a favor. It may be a holocron, but she isn´t sure about it.
Ruula also planted some "helpfull devices" in the Cantina, in order to record some of the events happening there. She did that to all known locations, where Mina showed up.
And the 3rd reason, she wanted to relax and listen to the best Music in the known Galaxy, but an alarm of one of her recording devices got her out of the town.
Later on that evening, Mina came to the town. This time she seemed to be more interested in some persons around, especially Hodack and Shiri, a little Twi`lek Girl she knows from her past. Her apperance and her whispers to Shiri seemed to disturb the Twi`lek a lot, what brought a satisfied grin on Minas face.
Then Aliera sensed the trouble Shiri was in and come to confront Mina in a Conversation. They went outside, and somehow Aliera managed to get through the bad personality, and the "real" Mina was there, only for a few seconds, and very confused, but she is still there...
Mina leaves Aliera and went on to talk to Hodack, with the result, that both were leaving the town. Hodack didn´t sense the danger, allthough his friends warned him. They ended up in a strange laboratory, where Mina gave him an injection with an odd looking liquid. Sure, that no one can stop her, she talked to Hodack about her plans. Mina isn´t any longer in control of her body, now "Chaya" is. Chaya seems to be from a time long ago. She said, she now started Phase 1 of her Experiments. The Injection at first should make him ill, then after a while, he would loose control over his body, but his soul still intact, closed somewhere in, like Mina´s Soul is now. Hodack managed to contact his friends, who started a rescue mission. Sensing them coming, Mina left Hodack in a house near the Laboratory.
The Experiment failed, Hodack could be safed, but there is the great possibility that "Chaya" will kidnap more, to test that liquid.
The rescue party searched the House and the Laboratory, finding disturbing things, like giant spiders, and a mysterious book in an ancient language. Ruula, who finally arrived also at the screen, recognized one word, which also shows up a lot during her hunt for informations. Translated to basic it means "Soulkeeper"...

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Some days later in Mina's old House, Tharek, Bimmsel and Ruula start studying the ancient Book. Tharek and Bimmsel were a bit suspicious about Ruulas Intentions, but since she could decipher at least part of that language, they included her at that Meeting. After scrambing through that book for a while, she finally found a description of a "Soulkeeper".
It's a trapping device for "Souls", so they survive even if the body dies. It's origins are unknown, but rumor says, it's an invention of the ancient Sith. Tharek again took the Book and starts flipping through the pages, when a bright light errupted from the book. While Ruula and Bimmsel were slowed down by an unknown force, Tharek was more and more covered in a strange crystal, till he was completely trapped. They hurried with it to the Medical center, where they found him still alive but trapped.
In the following weeks Mina kept a low profile, and even Ruula went on some Missions, which result would bring some clearance into the story.
Aliera and Bimmsel start to try to free Tharek from his crystaline cage and finally succeeded. Not a Moment too soon, because Ruula returned from her journeys and she found a Holocron from a Jedi-Scientist named "Chaya".
They all gathered in the Libary of Merios Hills. The Holocron activates and a projection appeared, and she exactly looks like Mina! Then the Projection told them the Story of Chaya:

Chaya was a Jedi apprentice more than 2000 years ago, fighting with her formidable Bio-Engineering Skills in one of those countless wars against the Sith. Her Masters denied her again and again the Knighthood, because of her affinity to dark researches and her ongoing denial of recognising her own faults . They thought they could control her with her sister, a newly promoted knight, and her boyfriend, because beside Chayas dangerousness, they needed her skills for winning the war. They failed to see the jealousness in Chaya of her sister, and the secret passion she had for the man. One day, Chaya saw her chance, when her sister was on a mission, to reveal her feelings for him. He laughed and said, that he only loves her sister, but Chaya couldn´t accept that, and wanted to force him to love her. A struggle broke out, and in the end, she woundet him deadly. Chaya took a strange device from her collection, a "Soulkeeper" and and looked up his soul in it, planning to release it in an other body she will find for him. Then she fled.
Some time later, her sister found her in the cave she was hiding. Chaya, still not seeing, how deep she was stuck in those dark arts, attacked her. Both unleashed everthing they had learned about the force. The cave started to collapse, when finally Chaya was defeated. Her sister managed to free the captured soul from the device saying a final good bye to her love. Chaya used the chance, lunged for her saber and stabbed her sister into the back. She let out a last cry of triumph, then the cave finally collapsed, all seem to be forgotten and lost in time...

Now they know the truth, Chaya has survived and somehow occupied Mina's Body, trapping her inside. But what are her goals?...

(need to write the end soon)

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