The Naboo Blockaide

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The Naboo Blockaide Empty The Naboo Blockaide

Post  Saiana on Tue Jan 20, 2009 6:26 am

(little overview of the space based event that happened on the 11th Jan((I think)) 2009)

News came via the Bothan spy network that an Imperial battallion had blockaided the main hyperspace lane entrance to the Naboo system in an attempt to stave the ground forces of much needed personel and supplies.

In a heroic effort a few frieghter pilots, their ships laidened with weaponry and people willing to fight, tried to sneak past the blockaide. However the deception was uncovered forcing the brave rebel pilots to attempt to flee the Imperial ships, had it not been for the brave efforts of the NHI (not sure if they have a squad name, if you let me know I can ammend) pilots risking their lives for their brothers and sisters in arms on the ground then these ships might not have made it through.

Intelligence is vauge at the current time but there has been information leaked of a retalliatory attack on the ground based forces based around Moeina once the Empire has closed in on them...


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