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Little is know about Tharek's childhood. Since he first appeared on Tatooine, it is possible that he was born and raised there. Obviously, he got basic skills in Marksman, Artisan and Scouting.

The Black Hawks Era - The Starting
After a short time where he was working as Artisan in Tyrena, he met a friendly Crafter near Anchorhead and join his first guild, the Black Hawks. Very fast, he became their Leader. The guild was already very big and well respected, but Tharek did well as their leader and earn first experiences in leading guilds. Parallel to that, he developed his skills and worked in his favorite profession: Weaponsmithing. To earn some extra money, he became one of Infinity's best professional surveyor, finding the best spots with patience and the "nose" for spots.

During his visits in Mos Eisley, to offer his weapons in the Bazaar and to have a drink in the Cantina, he met a person that has a great impact on his life: Seung-Mina, a beautiful dancer married to the Guildleader of a rebel guild living in Bantha Plains. Tharek and Seung-Mina fall in love with each other and met more often. As a result, Tharek decided to move to Bantha Plains to see Seung-Mina more often. Also, he left the Black Hawks to search for new challenges.

The Tatooinian Resistance - First Encounter
At that time, Bantha Plains was oppressed by a Imperial Garrison lead by Captain Gerwin Micheal. Since the local resistance was hardly organised, Tharek decided to do that himself and founded the covered organisation Tatooinian Resistance. Together with Seung-Mina, they fought against the Empire's 9th Infantery Regiment over a long time until finally the Imperials vanished from Bantha Plains.

As a cover, Tharek developed the brand "Tolemac Weapons" to sell his weapons, which provided good quality for low prices. This way, Tharek become a well known Weaponsmith in the Galaxy.

In his private Life, Tharek started an affair with Seung-Mina which was covered by their close work together in the resistance forces.

The Talusian Trading Cooperation
With the Imperial Forces driven from Bantha Plains, other problems poped up. The city core was covered with abandoned houses because of a "free house" recruiting. Since these problems couldnt be solved, and Seung-Mina and Tharek searched for new challenges, they founded a guild on Talus, named Sunset View and a guild named Talusian Trading Cooperation. While Seung-Mina became Mayor, Tharek was again Guildleader.

The guild grew up to a nice guild, but there was no real challenge for them. With the disappearance of many members, the guild became a failed one. Still there was a success in private: Seung-Mina got divorced from her husband and married Tharek at last.

The Disappearance
During the time in Sunset View, after an Imperial order several things happened. Mina's beloved pets were forbidden and because of a reformation of weapon systems, Tharek's weapons became useless. Both were very frustrated about this.

It was close after this, that Tharek was shot down on a Space patrol and crashed on an unknown world in the Outer Rim. Heavily wounded, he was found by an old Clone Wars veteran named Ewain Marques. Ewain helped Tharek to recover and also traveled to Sunset View to inform Seung-Mina about her husband being alive. But he was too late: Griefing about her lost pets and husband, Mina's soul was hijacked by an ancient evil named Chaya.

The Merios Hills Era
When Tharek finally returned to Talus, he recognized that he was in the middle of a nearly lost battle for Mina's soul. Risking his life he tried to encourage the captured soul to fight the controlling spirit and recognizing her beloved husband was back and with the help of a Jedi living in Merios Hills, Mina became strong enough to fight the evil and it was captured in a soul cage.

After this trouble, Tharek and Seung-Mina decided to stay in Merios Hills and live there a while without any special tasks.

The Twin Lakes Era
When they got bored in Merios Hills, both decided to found a new City with a friend on Dantooine. Because of the Terrain, they called it Twin Lakes and their guild Twin Lakers. What started as a outpost for those three friends grew rapidly in size and was a large Metropolis after one year with a roaming trade center for all sorts of products, three cantinas and nice decorations.

Tharek found his love to crafting again and became a very succesful Chef, which was rewarded with being voted Infinity's best Chef 2008.

This Episode was maybe the most peaceful one in Tharek's life so far. The guild was prospering, with some struggles, the City reached the highest level... but very little people lived in this part of the galaxay in total, so it was also a bit boring.

Mountain View - A new start
This peaceful time ended abruptly when the Empire finally found out about the Rebel organisation there and devastated the area with a bombardment. Thanks to informations from Intelligence, the Citizens managed to escape their certain deaths and to go into deeper cover, they settled down in the far West of Dantooine in a city now known as Mountain View.

To be continued...

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