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------------------------------------------------------------------ Imperial Records 775-B. Jaran Taruk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

58 BBY, A healthy baby boy was delivered to Shyro Taruk and his father Zan Taruk, a wealthy family on Coruscant. Birth name Jaran Taruk, this small boy was destined for a flourishing career in engineering his father had after all built a business empire with his bare hands.

Jaran was always an inquisitive young boy, always watching how his father built things pulling engines apart to see if he could create something better with the pieces. All in all a pretty standard up bringing his father as a rule avoided intergalactic politics after a couple corrupt senators had been exploiting his own humble upbringings, something he did not wish to pass on to Jaran.

40 BBY Taruk now aged 18 finishes his time in one of Coruscant’s many private schools excelling in Inter-Galactic Biology, Engineering and of course Inter-Galactic Politics.

Growing rather tedious of his father’s way of life Taruk envisions something much greater for his life; he does not wish to be the sun of a rich crafter, but a brilliant man in his own right. Taruk enrols in Coruscant’s finest political academy, much to his father’s disappointment.

35 BBY Taruk graduates from the Coruscant Academy for political advancement, with 13 different honours, and was granted an apprentice position under one of the finest senators of the time Vash Bolera of Naboo, an elderly gentleman with many years of experience yet as comforting and noble as he seemed Senator Bolera was rather adept at wielding manipulation and blackmail to see his political demands take charge.

32 BBY The Trade Federation blockades the planet Naboo strangling her supply routes and attempting to seize control.

Cleverly disguising misdemeanours behind public acts of altruism Vash Bolera always got what he wanted, and the skills of his trade he passed on to Taruk.

29 BBY 6 long years passed while Taruk was under Vash Bolera’s tutelage, and Vash was forced into early retirement by a rival politician with too much information on him, as a result Taruk was free to pursue his own political career armed with the tricks of the trade.

28 BBY After the "untimely" death of his parents Taruk seizes their assets and auctions them off for travel and lodgings in Naboo.

27 BBY after securing a house, Taruk uses his affiliation with Naboo Born Vash Bolera (who many Naboonians consider to be a hero) to gain a low seat on the Naboonian Senate.

Taruk spent many years helping to rebuild war torn Naboo and receive much respect from the other senators and indeed the public aswell.

Yet for as many good deeds Taruk done he also commissioned governmental weapon research facilities, spending vast amounts of the tax payers money on developing the latest in weapons technology.

Taruk was also accused of supplying money to various illicit organisations, accusations that Taruk and his new found supporters and yes men shrugged off.

23BBY Taruk had climbed the political ladder, he now found himself in a position where most senators where either on his pay roll or too scared to challenge his authority, indeed he had brought the Naboonian senate to its knees, only a few key figures stood in his way, Senators such as Amidala and Palpatine.

23BBY The Jedi discover the presence of a vast clone army and are growing weary of the threat of a possible separatist movement.

22BBY Separatists capture 2 members of the Jedi order and Senator Amidala and the Jedi debate over a course of action

22BBY Senator Palpatine demands emergency powers to tackle the threat of the separatist uprising and to reclaim the Naboonian senator, It’s during this time that Senator Taruk shows his support for Palpatine and rallies his diplomatic pets to vote in their numbers for the passing of emergency power to Palpatines hands.

19 BBY Lord Vader destroys the remnants of the Separatists leaders. Victory to the Republic, The traitorous Jedi have been forcefully removed from their thrones no longer left to decay the Republic.

18 BBY Taruk is granted a seat on the lower Moffs council from the newly crowned Emperor Palpatine.

16 BBY Taruk is sent to a mining facility on the planet Anthrac the local workforce had become unruly and production had dropped below the desirable level, upon arrival Taruk is ushered into a Military bunker as the populace has began to revolt. Thousands of slaves armed with mining lasers laid siege to the bunker pounding at its gates for weeks. Taruk Immediately dispatches the finest troops in the facility to fight their way to a local communications array, a deadly mission instrumental to the inhabitant’s survival. Overseeing the operation was Lt. Colonel Valo Sec, a clone trooper who had seen allot of active service, he was present when the Anakin purged the Jedi temple and had been acting as Taruk’s personal guard and Military advisor.

Valo Sec and his men gear up for one final mission and as they leave the bunker the cast iron doors are welded shut behind them. Valo and his men charge through the throng of locals outside the bunker dispatching many of the un-armoured slaves. Upon arrival at the array site Valo orders his men to set up a perimeter defence, a makeshift barrier consisting of natural rock formations and well placed turrets. Wave after wave of slaves throw themselves upon the troopers, Obedient and disciplined the men hold them off until an emergency transmission can be sent to one of the Imperial Cruisers in orbit above the Anthrac system.

Moments after the transmission is sent the troopers are overrun; a flurry or blaster fire and bloody violence ensue as one by one the troopers fall and the tower is destroyed. Mission success. Troopers Expendable.

Back in the bunker several loyal officers are driven to madness at the sound of the ferocious pounding at the gates, the sound of impending death. Unaware of the success of the Lt. Colonel Valo’s mission, unrest and panic quickly flushes over the men inside the bunker.

Taruk quickly restores order inside the bunker by systematically executing the shell shocked mad men.

Hours later the pounding stops.... Taruk and the men inside the bunker wait patiently in silence, listening with their ears pressed against the bunkers cold steel.

Until an ear splitting noise is heard. The sound of heavy machinery. Intense flame cutting through the bunkers thick steel.

Taruk orders the men inside to take arms, grabbing a rifle himself and taking steady aim at the white hot doorway that was being welded into the bunker. The blue flame that had been flickering through the bunker retracts. The noise stops. A large slab of steel gets blown through the bunker. Dust and debris fills the lungs of the men waiting inside. Through the smoggy cloud a flash of white is seen, 6 Clone Troopers march into the breach followed by a gentlemen in black uniform.

The site of an Imperial warship entering orbit on Anthrac caused the slaves to retreat into hiding. The cloned had to force their way in as there was no way to communicate through the thick hide of the bunker.

Taruk and the remaining men from the bunker board the Cruiser and are taken into orbit. Taruk persuades the Admiral top unleash the devastating weapons of the new Imperial cruiser upon the mining facility and its immediate circumference. Sending a clear message to the unruly slaves.

15.4 BBY Taruk has received order to report to Emperor Palpatine personally in Palpatines private lake retreat. Certain of his execution for killing thousands of the Empires slaves and decimating its expensive machinery Taruk quietly marches to his destiny.

Upon entering the perimeter of the lake retreat Taruk is greeted by Palpatines guards cloaked in red, he is escorted to Palpatines dining hall where he is invited to take a seat and feed himself.

The Emperor speaks to Taruk of the events on Anthrac and much time passes while the two old political allies talk, Palpatine assures Taruk that decimating the facility and the slaves was the right thing to do and that Taruk may be needed in the future, for the timing being Taruk was rewarded the rank Regional Govenor of Fondor, special honours and a parade thrown in his honour.


**The recorded data from these archives have been replaced by several Dictaphone recordings by one Jaran Taruk**



Parading through the streets of Theed with the rest of the survivors was rather tedious today, I did however meet an interesting woman by the name of Risha Maris Native to Corellia a peculiar woman, claims to have intimately known one of my troopers from the mining facility, Lt. Colonel Valo Sec. I found this most intriguing and have arranged for a more private meeting early next year as I am to inspect my new star system. Fondor the home I’ve always wanted such pure industry, I do love the smell of rich starship fuel.


Fondor is in perfect condition a brilliant new shipyard building one of the first batches of the new “Star Destroyer” Capital ships, most impressive. I have met with Risha Maris today, in her tiny house in the slums of Naboo, disgusting poverty, and far too populated by off-worlders I had to breathe through my mouth to dampen the stench of decay and refuse it does however seem that she has known Valo intimately. Not that I blame Valo she is a stunning young woman I spoke to her of Valo’s courageous last mission, and she didn’t take the news of his death so well. Most interestingly however is the bastard child.

6 years Valo kept this from me, if this had been discovered I’m sure the whole family would be terminated. I watched him as his mother “chattered” to me about how caring and passionate Valo was, the man was a clone, loyal and obedient to the point of stupidity. Watching Tyraan it quickly became apparent that he was indeed Valo’s child. I witnessed him singing to himself, a song I had heard myself, Lt. Colonel Sec would have the men sing it with him before they pranced off into battle. Unfortunatley I have to be back in Fondor soon, I will however return to these two.


Finally the first Star Destroyer is finished; I will be attending a who’s who meeting to watch the maiden voyage of this magnificent behemoth, surely no one can match the might of the Galactic Empire now.


Tested in space above Mon Calamari, negates any cruisers the Mon Cal can send at us and will also hopefully take them out of this “Civil War” just how Civil the Rebels are, remains to be seen however.

Should be landing planetside in a few moments now....

Risha and Tyraan are doing well. Surprising considering the disease ridden pit they call home.,

8 years of age now, and already showing the traits of his father, the way he interacts with his mother is most peculiar; it’s not compassion he shows but more an unquestionable loyalty. It may seem like that bloodline is strong.

Just as I was about to leave I noticed Tyraan playing by himself outside, a small group of alien brats wandered over to him and circled round the small boy. The surrounding brats taunted the child for being a son of a clone; the child remained reserved, in battle ready stance. The chief brat lunged only to end up on the floor facing the clear Naboonian sky.

The surrounding circle widened as they backed away, only to have the child lunge at one of the larger members of the rabble, viciously beating him to the ground and turning a hideous alien face into a unrecognisable piece of art.

This child, sat back down amongst the destruction he had caused and continued to play by himself, not muttering a word or a sigh or the slightest whisper.

I think I may continue to pay little visits to this oh so sweet little family. However once again I must attend matters at Fondor.

13 BBY

Back on Naboo in this disgusting slum, strange how familiar the smell of the poor can become.

I’m stopping for a while this time, I’ve been invited to stay for a while, Risha loves hearing the stories of Valo, and to be perfectly honest I have grown accustom to her gentle voice.

I brought with me this time old pieces of Mandalorian text to read to Tyraan, I have also recounted tails of Imperial valour which he really seems to enjoy


I’m growing rather fond of young Tyraan now aged 9; he shows interest in my teachings a keen young mind and a willingness to earn his knowledge.

Yet I grow even fonder of his mother Risha. I think I may invite them to live with me on Fondor, Tyraan would learn much about star ships there.

10 BBY

Absolutely disgusting, the nerve of that woman. I gave so much time to her. I practically raised her bastard child. I gave her a home. I rescued her from disgusting poverty. I have never felt so exasperated. How dare she refuse me!

**hours pass**

Regretfully it’s now too late to reconcile. Risha has been involved in an “accident”. A waste of a life, and I shall miss her gentle voice.

I must however turn my attention to the boy; he will have to come with me I shall not see his talents wasted. I know he will make the Empire and indeed myself proud some day, he has become like a son to me.


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