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Post  Mik'di Boken on Sun Nov 30, 2008 3:40 am

Just re-posting this as it seems it's not general knowledge yet:

There is an Out of Character (OOC) Chat channel for us all to use in Game, to access it:

1, Right Click on one of your chat tabs and then select "Add Tab" from the drop down menu.

Roleplayer Chat Channel Rpchatp1ik4

2, You will now notice a new chat tab on your chat bar, right click on this and from the drop down menu similar to above, select "Modify Tab".

3, You will now have opened the "Chat Tab Management" screen, from here select "Join Channels".

Roleplayer Chat Channel Rpchatp2hb1

4, This will open another screen called "Channel Browser", from here you must navigate the drop down menus in the centre, as such:

Europe-FarStar -> Alliance -> FarStarRPA

Once this is done, select "FarStarRPA" from the list and then click "Join" on the bar to the left.

Roleplayer Chat Channel Rpchatchannelgr4

5, When this is done select "OK", then select "OK" in the Chat Tab Management Screen.

The New tab you created should now be the Roleplayer Chat Channel and you should now be able to see and type in the RP Chat channel when that tab is selected.

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