Shield' Delii Biography (Birth - 29)

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Shield' Delii Biography (Birth - 29) Empty Shield' Delii Biography (Birth - 29)

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FIRST STEPS: Shield' Delii was born in the abandoned Jedi Temple of Dantooine when his mother was on a run from the clone troopers of order 66. She had to stop of exhaustion in the upper ruins of the temple, she quickly had her child, and died a painful death in the temple. Shield' was found by a group of salvagers on their daily run into the upper temple for salvage to keep/sell on the market. There was three of them in the team, Kao Thorn, Bioc Jal and Kavin Jo. Bioc and Kavin, since they were a couple who was hoping for a child, took him in as foster parents. Kao, however, she was either jealous or annoyed, nobody ever found out. But she was never happy again, Bioc and Kavin were pretty much the only friends in camp she had, and their attention was quickly drew away from her to the child.

When he was 14, Kao kidnapped him and threw him in a abandoned room of the Jedi temple ruins, she locked it, threw away the keys and barricaded it up. She was thrown out of the team, and beaten several times an hour, for 3 hours by Kavin - viciously.

YOUNG LOVE: Shield' was locked in the dungeon for a year. During that year he met a girl who was also abandoned in there. Okea Lisom. They quickly fell in love and remained in there. But after a year had passed, the temple was getting very fragile and dangerous, even more dangerous rather. The disease was spread thick in the air everywhere except their sealed room. They managed to dig their way out through the floor, they came across a giant worm nest, but followed it out to Shield's salvager camp. The worms had arrived and killed everyone there. The worms had all but vanished. They managed to survive for another year, settling in the camp. They had two children, one they had when they were 16-17, Oroha Delii, she had Shield's smile. But Okea had a fatal disease, the one that wiped the salvager camp out and the giant worms.

Shield' had to leave the child for a few days while he went to Naboo (Okea's homeworld) to contact her family and arrange the funeral. When he returned. She'd been taken by the imperial forces into care.

He left for Naboo, he had missed the funeral and was an emotional wreck, he became a drunk who drank almost every night and had no proper job, but it all returned to him when he heard that a girl he had a one night stand with in the cantina was pregnant, he tried to become proper to impress her and give him a chance to be a father, but she rejected him and left to another world, Corellia. Once he was 30, he was still on the road to becoming proper but heard his child died from an imperial raid, he joined the Rebel Alliance in revenge.

CORELLIA: He continued his search the next day to Corellia to see if his childs mother (Lam Korea) was still there. He began his search in Kor Vella. Coronet was in the middle of a large Galactic Civil War battle. People were asking about Shield' in the cantina, he could hardly recognise but still saw Lam, a drunk with a bunch of guys. He knew she wouldn't be interested but she didn't seem very concerned about their dead child. Memories about both of his child came back to him.

He walked over to her and ordered a drink, she was talking to another guy, she hadn't even noticed him. He got his drink, she turned around and elbowed him, purposefully or accidentally he never found out. She shouted at him and spilled her anger all over him. He suddenly shouted over her "Your child! What happened?" She backed off, she obviously was offended.
"I never had a child" She lashed out. He looked shocked.
"You disgust me woman." He walked out, everyone had gasped, she was obviously was the center of the crowd. He got in with the smuggling buisness and became a professional smuggler within the rebel alliance. Still on a search for his daughter which he has regretted leaving.


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