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Born in a small but well equipped imperial camp, on Esseles, near the capital Calamar.
She saw the light the first time only a few months after the fatidic Clone Wars, by two Imperial officers on duty there. After the rise of the Empire, to party this great win over the Republic, they had the wonderful idea to have a son.

Probably due to this, when they saw they had a girl, they simply decided to give her away, letting her grow away from her parents, without the love she surely deserved. In a youth camp, always on Esseles, she grow up, training under the supervision of the Empire. She learned the secrets Teras Kasi Arts and the Sword manipulation. Apart from her girly condition, she became a great warrior, almost a war machine.
Even if the inhabitants were mostly pacific, they would still fear a bad repression from this "deadly human girl", as she used to be known there, if they did something against the Empire.

Even if fully trained and raised under the Empire's ideals, young Valentine, at age 22, soon understood in which place the Empire stood. The real face of it beeing only Violence, Distruction, Anger, Death...

She decided to abandon her duty, leave all the people she used to know, to travel to a far planet, where she could forget about the Empire and her parents, those parents she almost never saw and treated her as a perfect unknown. And it was right in this period when she met a person that would become one of her greatest friends, mostly the only friend, Artik Silverfire, a fencer that soon joined the Imperial Army.

Planning to move to the Outer Rim Territories, her ship has been captured near the Tatooine system by some Imperials Pilots.
Brought by force to a small space station, she waited for several days to be sent back to her post in Esseles. During the time the Imperials present did not spare her to violent mobbing.

Freed by some Rebels, after a short stop in another Space Station, a neutral one, she landed in Tatooine, where she could fully understand what was that little "something" she always had into her mind and body.
Since her youngest age she felt she could see in the close future, letting her almost see what whould happen to her and act accordingly.

She met a Zabrak, called Sirius, that particularly kept her attention. She could feel some king of strange connection between him and her. After some time, under her supervision, she learned about the Force and the particular high count of midi-chloriens present in her body.
She trained as a Jedi, becoming first a Padawan of Master Sirius, then a Jedi Knight and even a Jedi Master, due to her high and quick learning of the Force.

She became Council Member of the Republic Alliance, a small group of Rebels that were trying to bring a good balance in the galaxies, between the Empire and the Alliance.

Time gave her the chance and opportunity to meet some nice people, starting to understand love could also have a big part into the world and the Empire would not destroy these basic feelings.
She first got in touch with Master Krystina Saiana, another Council Member, together with Master Qaz Quel-Eclipce.
She became more and more important, within RA, becoming one of the pillars, always trying to look for the best, not only for her, but all the community. This lead her to be chosen to represent the entire Jedis into the RA Senate.

At age 25 she was Jedi Master, she succesfully trained Padawan Mjrd, which he successfully became Jedi Knight and she was still training Padawan Asroin.

At the same time, she started to feel she was tracked down, almost always followed, by a Bounty Hunter probably.
Never getting to know his real identity, she only left this problem aside, not giving it a big importance.

Dark matters started to happen within RA, taking away to the Dark Side some of the most important members, like her own former Master.
Everybody started to look only for themselves, became egoist, selfish, rude, would not avoid confrontation and would easily attack and fight every one that would step into their path.

Sad about what was happening, she decided to leave, to let them destroy what she always had beliefs in.

Only a couple of months passed when Master Krystina contacted her, informing about a holocron she found, thanks to some visions she always had, more or less, since her youth, when in training in the Coruscant Academy under the supervision of Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn.

Together with her, with Master Qaz and other former members of RA, she now created the Outlanders.

Captured by the Imperial Auxiliary Armed Forces, under Colonel-Commissar's Ibrahim Gaunt command, she has been succesfully brainwashed and brought back into the Imperial world. All tracks of her rebel past has been erased and the only copy is beeing kept under Colonel-Commissars' Gaunt control, safe from any third-party eyes.
She succesfully followed an Officer Course, that she passed with the maximum marks and joined Colonel-Commissar Gaunt's I.A.A.F. With great surprise and pleasure she discovered that her old friend, Artik Silverfire, is also part of these Auxiliary Forces.
She has the rank of Captain and she takes care of the Recruitment Department.

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These informations are NOT to be used IG. They are OOC for everyone's information.
People taking this information IG, will be pointed out as Meta-Gaming Players and therefore completely ignored from me.
If you wish to use this information IG, an OOC permission by myself must be asked.


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